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Dragon Eye Legacy

Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Visual Novel · By Tom


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next updates teaser
After a break needed for work and another project, I'll be adding the next planned quests and locations now. The core gameplay is largely in place, and the main...
Content and Bugfix Update
The just uploaded 0.3.9 contains plenty of content and bugfix updates. sleeping now works much better (still not perfect, but I'm working on it) several new loc...
2 files — 0.3.9
small status update
From the feedback I'm receiving, it appears that most of the serious bugs have been fixed, so I am now focussing on adding more areas and quests to the game and...
version 0.3.7 - small improvements
This version brings the following improvements: all texts in the game are now more crisp and beautiful added "interrupt" QTE fixed a small wrong starting money...
Small Update
Version 0.3.6 brings a few small updates: resolution dialog now in settings instead of launcher window FPS capped to 60, so the game runs more lightly on strong...
4 files — 0.3.6
small bugfix update
There were a few unfortunate bugs in the previous release, so here is a bugfix release taking care of them...
3 files — 0.3.4
Early Access Launch !
Today, the first public early-access beta version of Dragon Eye: Legacy has been released ! While still incomplete (hey, that's what "early access" means) it is...
6 files
Alpha 7
Just a quick heads-up that we are now at Alpha 7, and just two or so bugs away from a public beta release. But the greatest new thing added can't be shown in a...
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While I can see a few things in analytics, it is not a complete view. So post here which quests you managed to complete...
started by Tom Jul 07, 2021
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