Alpha 6

A small update coming right after alpha 5, this version contains several bugfixes, as well as new features and improvements:

  • visual day/night cycle - the game already did compute day and night, but aside from showing the time in the top-right corner it wasn't very prominent. Now the screen will change brightness and colour depending on the time of day, as visible in the night image attached.
  • wait and rest/camp are working - you can now - if the current location and situation allows it - skip time by either waiting (i.e. do nothing for an hour) or by setting up camp and getting some sleep. The calculation of sleep is intelligent - if you go to bed at night or in the late evening, you will sleep through the night and awake with the first light. If you go to bed during the day, you will sleep just a few hours.

All of this is to ready the game for the first beta version and public release, which is planned for this weekend.

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